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The official website of Faustinum, the association of the Divine Mercy shrine in Crakow, Poland,

Please use the link to register for the upcoming Divine Mercy Summit.
Register Now
OCTOBER 3-5, 2020

Invitation to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy
on May 18, 2019 at 15.00,
to celebrate the Hour of Mercy
and ask God for the following and your own intentions.

Please declare St. Faustina a Doctor of the Church.
Sign this petition to this effect.

The official site of the Marian Fathers, who are recognized as the authority on the authentic message of Divine Mercy.

For all kinds of products related to the Divine Mercy, like Divine Mercy Packs, Books, Prayer Books, Leaflets, Prayer Cards, DVDs, CDs and more...

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21.03 | 01:11

It's so beautiful. Looking forward to celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday there.
I will be in Adelaide on holidays.

20.12 | 11:58

Dear fr. Andrew, please send me an email, using our link. Thank you

13.12 | 12:40

I want to be a Simple Divine Mercy Shrine in my parish. i am a catholic parish in Baucau Diocese Timor Leste

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