In My Passion seek strength and light

 LENT SEASON WEEK 3: Unite your spiritual suffering with Jesus

In the convent in Płock, where Sister Faustina came in 1930, her great prophetic mission began. It was Sunday, February 22, 1931, when she saw Jesus for the first time, just as we can see Him today, looking at the image of Merciful Jesus. The news of a revelation of Sister Faustina began to spread in the Płock convent. The sisters in the community began to be sceptical about her: some warned her of being deluded, others accused her of being a fantasy, and still others argued with appreciation that she must be close to Jesus if she endured so much suffering in such peace. Sister Faustina herself wrote in her Diary: Yet, I resolved to bear everything in silence and to give no explanations when I was questioned … (Diary 126).

All things will have an end in this vale of tears, Tears will run dry and pain will cease. Only one thing will remain — Love for You, O Lord. All things will have an end in this exile, The ordeals and wilderness of the soul (D. 1132).

Sister Faustina’s greatest suffering, however, was the uncertainty as to the origin of the apparitions. Her superiors sent her to priests, and priests to superiors. She herself wanted some priest to settle the matter and tell her only one thing: „Be at peace, you are on the right road,” or „Reject all this for it does not come from God.” (Diary 127). In this situation, she tried to avoid the Lord, and when He came, she asked: „Jesus, are You my God or some kind of phantom? Because my Superiors say that there are all sorts of illusions and phantoms. If You are my Lord, I beg You to bless me.” Then Jesus made a big sign of the cross over me and I, too, signed myself. When I asked pardon of Jesus for this question, He replied that I had in no way displeased Him by this question and that my confidence pleased Him very much (Diary 54).

And here are 3 questions, or meditation points, for this third week of Lent:

  • How do you deal with the suffering of the soul?
  • Are you aware that God is always close to you?
  • Could Jesus, looking into your soul, say today that He likes your trust?

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It's so beautiful. Looking forward to celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday there.
I will be in Adelaide on holidays.

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Dear fr. Andrew, please send me an email, using our link. Thank you

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I want to be a Simple Divine Mercy Shrine in my parish. i am a catholic parish in Baucau Diocese Timor Leste

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